Leave your fan suggestions here! They can range from characters, to stages, or even modes! However, there is a set of rules to follow.

Rules Edit

  • Keep Stages and Characters close to video games. This means no TV characters or movie characters.*
  • Keep modes reasonable, not random things such as "Shrek's Orders".
  • (* -Movie characters that have appeared in games may count.**)
  • (** -Fan-Made Games do not count.***)
  • (*** -Unless it's a popular fan-game such as Super Smash Flash 2.)

Characters Edit

  • Ridley
  • Goomba
  • Doge
  • Mega Man
  • Proto Man
  • Dimentio
  • Sakurai
  • Villager
  • Goku

Stages Edit

  • FNAF2 Office
  • Final Destination
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Paper Mario (Anything)

Modes Edit

  • Stage Builder
  • Master Orders/Crazy Orders type thing
  • Special Battle
  • Trophy Hoard
  • Custom Fighters (Miis or Other)
  • Event Matches